Richard Armitage

46 Jahre

Vom britischen Theaterschauspieler, über Fernsehheld zum Hollywoodstar - Richard Armitage hat  begleitet von Kritikerlob einen steilen Aufstieg hingelegt 

  • Geboren , Huncote, England / Vereinigtes Königreich
  • VornameRichard Crispin
  • Name Armitage
  • Grösse 1.89 m
  • Sternzeichen Jungfrau

Biografie von Richard Armitage

Der britische Theater-, Film- und Fernsehschauspieler hat sich von Anfang an für seine Karriere ins Zeug gelegt und alles gegeben. Weil er es unbedingt auf die berühmte London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art schaffen und sich dort als Schauspieler ausbilden lassen wollte, ging er nach seinem Schulabschluss mehrere Monate nach Budapest, um dort für einen Zirkus zu arbeiten, bis er endlich das Geld für seine dreijährige Ausbildung zusammen hatte.

Erfolgreiche Jahre am Theater

Zurück in London nahm er sein Studium auf und ergatterte bereits vor seinem Abschluss eine kleine Nebenrolle in "Star Wars: Episode I – Die dunkle Bedrohung". Nach seiner Zeit auf der London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art konzentrierte sich Richard Armitage jedoch erst mal aufs Theater und sammelte jahrelang allerlei Erfahrungen auf englischen Bühnen.

Richard Armitage erobert das britische TV

Schließlich wechselte der begabte Schauspieler zunächst ins Fernsehen. Nach zahlreichen kleineren Rollen sorgte Richard Armitage 2004 mit der Verfilmung des Elizabeth Gaskell-Romans "North and South" von für Furore. Von Kritikern und Fans wurde er gleichermaßen in den Himmel gelobt, sogar der Server der BBC brach zusammen, weil zu viel Traffic auf der Website herrschte. Nun war er kein Unbekannter mehr und ergatterte Rollen in britischen Fernsehserien wie " " und "Spooks – Im Visier des MI5".

Ein Blockbuster nach dem anderen

Nun lockte so langsam auch Hollywood. 2011 war Richard Armitage in der Comicverfilmung "Captain America – The First Avenger" zwar nur in einer 3-Minuten-Rolle als Nazi-Spion zu sehen, doch er hatte den Fuß in die Tür der Traumfabrik bekommen. Noch im selben Jahr begannen die Dreharbeiten zu "Hobbit"-Trilogie, in deren drei Teilen "Der Hobbit: Eine unerwartete Reise", "Der Hobbit: Smaugs Einöde" und "Der Hobbit: Die Schlacht der Fünf Heere" Armitage die Rolle des Zwergen Thorin Eichenschild spielte. Scheint, als hätte der einstige Theaterschauspieler Gefallen am Filme machen gefunden. Im Januar 2017 wurde nämlich bestätigt, dass Richard Armitage im Spin-off der "Ocean's Eleven"-Reihe namens "Ocean's Eight" mit von der Partie sein wird. Die starbesetzte Komödie mit ausschließlich weiblichen Gangstern, gespielt von , , , , und Mindy Kaling, kommt 2018 in die Kinos. Wir dürfen also gespannt sein und freuen uns sehr darüber, so einem talentierten Schauspieler wie Richard Armitage hoffentlich in Zukunft öfter auf der Leinwand zu sehen.  

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Bionic camera arm. And bionic camera team. (Unseen footage) @ Festsaal Kreuzberg


Mirko “King of the BOOM” of those friends on set who keeps you sane. @ Berlin Mitte




I play “The Crusader” in #PilgrimageMovie now in theaters, VOD + digital! Watch it on @AmazonVideo this Friday:



Keep a keen eye trained on Daniel.


@berlinstation Back to work.



Proud to announce "Sleepwalker" at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Sat Feb 4th.


Proud to announce "Sleepwalker" at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Sat Feb 4th.



What a year 2016 has been. So many people we have lost; Bowie, Cohen, Prince, Fidel Castro, Shimon Peres, Nancy Regan, Tom Hayden, Muhammad Ali, Gary Marshall, Edward Albee, Peter Schaffer, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman. (I actually started with just one name but then I remembered all the others) Brexit happened, and Trump became the president elect of the US. Earthquakes rumbling around the 'Ring of Fire' . Yes there is a literal and symbolic shift happening in our world, our social and our physical. I started this year in Berlin, filming the second half of our series 'Berlin Station' which has now just finished airing, during that time I visited a refugee centre in Spandau. It was a humbling experience. I witnessed how, beyond the drama of the news cycle, on a moment to moment basis, families in need were being helped and housed, by German 'families'. Simple folk, volunteers, putting their fear aside and stepping up to help our fellow men in need. What has been happening Aleppo, is almost beyond comprehension, genocide on a scale not seen since the Shrebrenica massacre during the Bosnian war. Our leaders no longer seem to value the truth, rhetoric designed merely to 'bag a win' at any cost is the new normal, even if that means dividing nations; pitting neighbours against each other; by country, by state/county, even to the person next door. It hasn't been a great year in terms of honour and grace, it has been a year of hubris and loss. Don't get me wrong, there were "Wins" (and I respect and congratulate those who made those choices) but I believe they came at a price yet to be understood. On a personal level, I met a group of people in New York, working at the Roundabout Theatre Company on Mike Bartletts 'Love Love Love' directed by Michael Mayer. It was a 'diamond in the rough'. It began on my birthday during a heatwave and ended with snowfall as we approach the years end. It was a tonic in every way, because our audiences gathered and heard a story told about people, about parenting, about generations and the society that supports them. We are very lucky to live in a society that supports us, even if we feel it is failing us, we mustn't lower our expectations but we do need to take stock and just face the reality of millions of displaced people, who's society not only has failed them, it is inflicting genocide on them. So as we gather ourselves with our families, in our warm homes, with food on the table, I just can't help but ask that we say thank you. That's what I intend to do. I am very privileged, I have success and security. I am lucky man, I don't really know how to ask for this but I'm going to ask for something that I want for myself in 2017. I want to be fearless. To live without fear. To not fear my neighbour, to extend myself towards my fellow man. What else do we have but the ability to do this, and yes it's 'easy for me to say this ' in my comfortable place, but there is a narrative of fear out there, which we must resist, or accept isolation and division. A friend of mine (shall remain nameless) recently suffered a devastating painful loss, but with family, loved ones and friends pulled themselves up, and exhibited the kind of bravery that was nothing less than humbling. So let's celebrate what we have. Let's be thankful for our humanity and our ability to empathize and help those in need. Doesn't have to be money, it can be your time, it can literally be just a helping hand. Here is a link to my Just Giving pages. Happy Christmas everyone. (NB. Castro was also named here without fear. Not an endorsement, just a name that is noteworthy....sigh.)


Berlin Station So it's been quite a hot news week in the US media, well not really just the in the US, frankly the global shift in politics is tectonic, indeed the earths plates are reflecting this with the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' grumbling perhaps at an uncomfortable truth awakening. It has certainly presented our season 2 writers room with a mountain of subject matter to digest and unfold. Next week is our final episode of Berlin Station and I'm going to publish a couple of articles which I found interesting about the CIA. 'Self Deception' is really the heading. I won't post until next week because we have a stomach churning cliff hanger coming up which, when I first read it I though 'no way, that just can't be true this is Olen Steinhauer making stuff up' but it turns out it's ALL true. As we watch the current internal battles with the CIA, FBI and NSA (and indeed a current push by GCHQ for the most intrusive surveillance legislation in UK history with the Investigatory Powers Act, no doubt the NSA will follow suit) it's becoming all too clear, that our most trusted intelligence and law enforcement agencies also need monitoring. Stay tuned for some really great reading material and hopefully a great season finale to our show, which begins tonight with Episode 9.


Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Roundabout Theatre Company So our final total was in excess of $13,000 for Broadway Cares. Thank you for your generosity. Also for all the kind 🎁 of 🍷 and 🍫 and other goodies. I've shared these things with our cast, crew and front of house staff. 'Bagel Sunday' is definitely a bit livelier. Our thanks.


An amazing early Christmas gift. Thank you for your generosity. Rich X


.Roundabout Theatre Company Today has been a strange day, I saw a lady on her mobile phone, weeping in the street. I've seen lots of tear stained eyes. I've sat in silence in our dressing room and then we've laughed. Our audience came (I thought they might stay home) these words from the play sprang out at me : "maybe it doesn't have to be about power and guns and money, maybe it could just be about the fact that underneath , underneath our background and our countries and our clothes, we're all the same. That's all that people like you and me, that's all we're saying. We're going to die and we shouldn't waste our lives. Don't you agree Kenneth? Have you chosen something to dance to......



A wonderful tribute to #lllplay from a Chicago well wisher. Now everyone in the cast wants them (I'm guessing not with my face!)


In the mire of deceit and fear, heart and home might just win through. Introducing Mina Tander "Esther Krug" and Claudia Michelsen "Patricia Swartz". Two formidable actors. Two friends missed...




@ilariaurbinati @rtc_nyc Thanks for pickin some 'threads' for opening night of #lllplay. She's Italian you know...biased?


Great to be with David Hewson and everyone at Audible today. I hope the recording is a huge success when it's released on Dec 6th


@rtc_nyc here we are at the Hard Rock Cafe on Times Sq. Thank you to our wonderful audience, who made this a very special opening night.


@berlin_station @epix So I think we did ok guys. Everyone here at Epix in NYC is gushing with excitement over last nights premiere.


I do care passionately about the US and it's politics, as I do for the UK and Europe; I flew home to vote in the EU referendum. We should all be concerned with global politics. The US election will effect us all, we need to observe and measure the 'temperature' of what happening across the globe. Learning from other nations successes and failures. I've been so lucky to spend time in New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Ireland places that gave me a sense of hope that there is a balance achievable, its tenuous and hard won but it is possible.