Priscilla Presley

Mit 14 lernte sie ihn kennen und obwohl die Scheidung vom "King of Rock 'n' Roll" Jahrzehnte zurückliegt, bleibt Priscilla Presley für immer die Elvis-Ex

Priscilla Presley

  • Geboren , New York City, New York, USA
  • VornamePriscilla Ann
  • Name Presley
  • Jahre73
  • Grösse 1.63 m

Biografie von Priscilla Presley

Durch ihre Heirat mit dem "King of Rock 'n' Roll" wurde zur Legende. Als 14 Jahre alt war, lernten sich die beiden im deutschen Bad Nauheim kennen, woraufhin seine Angebetete direkt mit in seine Villa Graceland nach Memphis nahm. Ihre Eltern, Mutter Anna Lillian und Stiefvater Paul Beaulieu, waren damit einverstanden, weil Elvis ihnen versprach, ihre Tochter zu ehelichen sobald sie die Volljährigkeit erreichen würde.

Vermeintliche Traumehe und Scheidung

Am 1. Mai 1967 war es dann so weit: Der große Hochzeitstag! Geheiratet wurde natürlich standesgemäß in einem Hotel im Spielerparadies Las Vegas. Ein Jahr später erblickte ihre Tochter, , das Licht der Welt und war der ganze Stolz ihrer jungen Eltern. Doch das Eheglück bröckelte, Priscilla Presley fühlte sich verloren, litt unter dem Druck der Öffentlichkeit und so stand nach nur sechs gemeinsamen Ehejahren die Scheidung an. "Ich habe mich nicht von ihm scheiden lassen, weil ich ihn nicht liebte ― er war wirklich die Liebe meines Lebens", erklärte Presley später in einem Interview. "Wenn überhaupt bin ich gegangen, weil ich herausfinden wollte, wie die Welt wirklich war."

Priscilla Presley wird Schauspielerin

Und genau das tat sie auch. Gemeinsam mit einer Freundin eröffnete Priscilla Presley eine Boutique im angesagten Beverly Hills. Promi-Damen wie Cher, Lana Turner, , und gehörten zu ihrem exklusiven Kundinnenkreis. Doch das Leben als Ladenbesitzerin schien für die geschiedene Mutter auch nicht das richtige zu sein. Das öffentliche Interesse an Priscilla war seit jeher groß und auch nach der Scheidung von Elvis ungebrochen – was lag da näher als eine Schauspielkarriere? Fünf Jahre lang spielte sie in der Kult-Serie "Dallas" mit, hatte Gastauftritte in den US-Serien "Melrose Place" sowie "Chaos City" und war Hauptdarstellerin in der Filmreihe "Die nackte Kanone".

Heimliche Liebe zu Tom Jones?

Zwischenzeitlich schien es sogar so, als hätte Priscilla Presley nach der ersten gescheiterten Ehe mit Elvis wieder ihr Liebesglück gefunden. Mitte der 80er Jahre lernte sie den brasilianischen Regisseur Marco Garibaldi kennen und lieben, ihr gemeinsamer Sohn Navarone wurde 1987 geboren. Aber auch diese Liebe scheiterte, 2006 gaben die Schauspielerin und der Regisseur ihre Trennung bekannt. Doch eine Legende wie Priscilla Presley ist nach wie vor eine begehrte Frau. 2017 machten Gerüchte die Runde, sie habe sich nach dem "King of Rock 'n' Roll" nun den "Tiger" geangelt. Priscilla Presley kennt bereits seit Jahrzehnten, doch 2017 soll es zwischen den beiden geknistert haben. Boulevardmedien berichten sogar von einer heimlichen Blitzhochzeit in Mexiko. "Priscilla und wurden von der romantischen Stimmung mitgerissen, sodass sie es einfach getan haben", erklärte ein Freund des Sängers. Klingt nach einer ziemlich spontanen Aktion, aber das kennen wir ja von Priscilla Presley nicht anders.  

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Excited for my son’s band THEM GUNS for releasing a new video every month from their album “From the Shadows” on YouTube.



Thank you for all your condolences... Obituary Joseph Paul Beaulieu Jr. June 18, 1925 - January 4, 2018 Paul entered the United States Air Force In 1949 continuing his long military career that began as a United States Marine in WW2. From the Korean War flying B-29s to the Cold War in Germany flying daily missions to Berlin during the time the Russians were building the Wall. During this tumultuous time, he also keeps close eyes on Elvis Presley who had in interest in his daughter Priscilla. In 1968-69 he spent a year in Vietnam where he engaged in his third war. He retired in 1976 as the Special Assistant to the Commander 21st Air Force managing many Special Programs. After he retired from the USAF he moved to Brentwood, Ca with the true love of his life of 69 years, Ann Iversen Beaulieu. Where he completed a very successful career as a contractor. Survivors: Loving Wife: Anna Iversen Beaulieu Children: Priscilla Presley, Don Beaulieu, Michelle Beaulieu, Jeff Beaulieu, Tim Beaulieu Pre-deceased: Tom Beaulieu Grandchildren: 18 Great Grandchildren: 8


One of my favorite photos of Elvis and my dad. They had a lot of respect for each other. They were like two youngsters sharing military stories when they were together. They both admired US Army General George S. Patton and both loved the film “Patton” with Geoge C. Scott.


Yes, now, it is true. My father passed at 1:04 p.m. on Thurs. After 4 weeks in the hospital we brought him home where he wanted to be with his family. His thin and weak body was resting well during his short time home. We played his classic Opera CD’s and took turns attending to him throughout the day. He was with our mom who was standing beside his bed holding his hand...when he took his last breath. We are so relieved that he was peaceful and content. His last words, when he saw all of us, “I’m a lucky man”. May God bless you dad.


Some exciting news I want to share with you. Graceland's new exhibit and entertainment complex, Elvis Presley's Memphis, is up for the Best New Attraction Award in USA Today's 10 Best Readers' Choice Awards! We really need your help to ensure Elvis Presley’s Memphis is at the top of the list! Please vote for Graceland. You can vote once per day, per device through January 1 – and encourage your family and friends to vote too! Go to to cast your vote each day on each device. Thank you so much my friends, Priscilla 🌹


If you’re having a difficult time finding the ideal gift for Christmas, a baby shower, or even Mother’s Day, maybe the new book “Love Me Tender”. It’s a book parents or grandparents can read to their children or a great “first” book for those just learning to read. The message is true to the song. :)


Ladies Day Melbourne, Australia. Slipped away to spend some time with beautiful, sweet Pinot. Bliss.


My heart goes out to all who were affected by the horrific fires here in LA. This year has been filled with catastrophic events. So very sad. PSA: If you live anywhere near the fires, please be aware that wild animals are fleeing the fires and they may show up in your yards. The California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection is urging you to bring your domestic animals in at night and let the wild animals pass through. Please put out buckets of water for them - they are scared, exhausted, and have ALSO LOST THEIR HOMES - they need to refuel. Please copy and paste (sharing does not bring it to the top of the news feed like an original status does).


Last nite with the If I Can Dream Concert at the O2 London, 12,000 attendees.. Elvis is BACK!


Inspired by the success of the two albums with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra If I Can Dream and the Wonder of You, the tour was a huge success with a six city engagement in the UK.


Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the adorable Archie, who was celebrating his 5th birthday! He even treated us to a rendition of ‘Suspicious Minds’ Happy Birthday Archie! I hope you had a wonderful time at our show!


Watching the If I Can Dream Concert from the side of the stage tonight in Leeds,UK at the First Direct Arena. Sold out venue. Hearts have been captured. 🌹


Christmas in London. Every main Street has it own unique interpretation of the festive period. Absolutely breathtaking.


Every animal on this planet has a distinct purpose. Unless endangered... we as human beings were not put here to put them in harms way. Brutally killing elephants or any animal for the soul purpose to mount on their wall to brag about and proudly show others, are deranged and soulless. Anyone who would want to be around these people are just as heartless.


All about the new children’s book Love Me Tender with Kathie Lee and Hoda. You can purchase on Amazon.


On The Today Show With Savanna Guthrie talking about the new Children’s book Love Me Tender. It expresses love, compassion and tenderness through the illustrations and the lyrics of Elvis’ song Love Me Tender.


Finally a gesture of kindness and care from a flight on Delta/Virgin out of LA to NJ.. A young girl’s boyfriend called her as we were just leaving the gate to tell her she had his wallet. He, in turn, was leaving LA on another flight. She immediately told the male flight attendant and asked if there was any way to get it to him. Doubtful, the flight attendant went to the pilot to tell him of her dilemma and guess what? The pilot went through all the protocol ...I’m assuming ground control, as he was able to throw the wallet to a contact. The boyfriend indeed got his wallet back. I wish we could hear more stories like this. We need to get these acts of benevolence back in our DNA. Not just airlines in the airline business but as human beings. ❤️


Elvis and I went to George Lennox's stables quite a few times and we fell in love with Carbon Copy. He was one of the most beautiful horses we had ever seen. George had his trainer show him around the ring and after convinced Elvis to ride him. It was the smoothest ride he'd ever had on a horse. That's when he decided he wanted a Tennessee Walking Horse. He got one, and named him Bear. Take a moment to listen to the @ThisIsCriminal (tag) podcast about Lennox's death, and how it relates to the soring of walking horses, a horrific practice that must be brought to an end. I encourage everyone to contact their legislators and ask them to #PassthePASTAct, and ask President Trump to #RuleOutSoring.


HELLO Australia, please tune in Tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. on the Yola Nash Show-WABC. I would love to see you at one of my upcoming shows.


It's with great sadness we had to put to rest our 27yr old Tenn. Walking Horse, Candy. He was put to rest last night at 6:00 p.m. at Graceland. He had several health challenges and we chose not to let Candy suffer. He represented our horses well. He loved the attention he received from people who visited our barn from all over the world. May he rest In peace now. Thank you for loving our horses. 🌹


Finally, we "may" be making some progress. God I hope so.


Sharing a beautiful heartfelt video. For those who wonder why I'm a vegetarian and an animal advocate, this says it ALL. I'm not lecturing or preaching only sharing the rewards of compassion, love and trust to those who shamelessly think THEY are just animals. Enjoy. ❤️


Elvis is back in Memphis.