George Michael

54 Jahre

Er lebte ein Leben auf der Überholspur zwischen großen Erfolgen und privaten Schicksalsschlägen. George Michael wird für immer unvergessen bleiben. 

  • Gestorben , Oxfordshire / England
  • Geboren , London / England
  • VornameGeorgios Kyriacos
  • Name Panayiotou
  • Grösse 1.83 m
  • Sternzeichen Krebs
  • Partner Fadi Fawaz (2012-2016); Kenny Goss (1996-2009); Anselmo Feleppa (1992-1993); Kathy Jeung

Biografie von George Michael

Mehr als 100 Millionen verkaufte Tonträger, zwei Grammy Awards, die Ohrwurmmaschine "Wham" und unvergessene Hits wie "Careless Whisper", "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" und "Last Christmas" – der viel zu früh verstorbene Popstar hat Musikgeschichte geschrieben.

Drogen, Depressionen und Schreibblockade

George Michael wurde 1963 als Georgios Kyriakos Panagiotou in London geboren. Schon früh zeichnete sich sein musikalisches Talent ab, das ihm in den kommenden Jahrzehnten sowohl große Erfolge als auch düstere Zeiten bescheren sollte. Die Karriere von George Michael war geprägt von Hits am laufenden Band, aber auch von Drogenkonsum und psychischen Problemen. Anfang der 90er Jahre verstarb sein Lebensgefährte an einer Hirnblutung – ein Schicksalsschlag, den George Michael bis zu seinem Tod nicht überwinden konnte. Kurze Zeit später verlor er auch seine Mutter, das war zu viel! Die Trauer endete in Drogen, Alkohol, Schlafstörungen und einer unüberbrückbaren Schreibblockade.

George Michael fand zurück ins Leben

Doch George Michael schaffte es, sich aus dem Tief zu kämpfen und meldete sich 1996 mit dem erfolgreichen Album "Older" zurück. Den Song "Jesus To A Child" widmete er seinem verstorbenen Freund und bekannte sich gleichzeitig öffentlich zu seiner Homosexualität. Nach einem Skandal – Sex mit einem Undercover-Polizisten in einer öffentlichen Toilette – fand er endlich auch mit seinem Partner ein neues Liebesglück.

Der viel zu frühe Tod einer Musiklegende

Nach 13 Jahren Beziehung trennten sich die beiden und George Michael verliebte sich in den australischen Promifriseur . Er war es schließlich auch, der den toten Körper seines Liebsten am Weihnachtsmorgen fand. George Michael starb am 25. Dezember 2016 völlig überraschend im Alter von 53 Jahren in seinem Haus in Oxfordshire. Der Sänger sei an Herzversagen verstorben, so die Obduktion. Die Musikwelt versank in Trauer, doch die unvergesslichen Songs von George Michael werden für immer in Erinnerung bleiben.

Die erfolgreichsten Songs von George Michael

  • 1984: Careless Whisper
  • 1986: A Different Corner
  • 1987: I Want Your Sex
  • 1987: Faith
  • 1990: Freedom! '90
  • 1996: Jesus to a Child
  • 1998: Outside
  • 2002: Freeek!
  • 2004: Amazing
  • 2009: December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)
  • 2012: White Light

Social Media von George Michael

A Christmas message for you all from George's family...


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‘To be told I will never ride a horse again let alone walk was the worst news any of us could ever have imagined. But for me, it was not an option to never ride again. So as soon as I got better it was, “Let’s see how I can do this.” A week and two years after my accident I was doing my first competition.’ – Jemima #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘I was caring a lot about what people thought of me, to a point where it took over my life and it clouded my dreams. I would say now to the younger Joseph, get rid of the clouds. Don't care what other people think of you. You do what you want to do. You chase the dreams that you want to chase.’ – Joseph #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘I really relate to this song in the sense of feeling emancipated from my past self, fighting with my depression and thinking it was wrong, that I had to hide. Five years ago, two years ago I would never have imagined of sitting in front of you and telling you this. You have to accept it. This is part of me.’ – Gina #ThisIsMyFreedom


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‘The ideas of what attractive is, what is right, what gender is, what races are important. All of those things are completely fabricated and you do not have to obey those rules. So don’t stress yourself out about these things that are supposed to be this way or that way, because they’re not supposed to be that way. They’re supposed to be whatever way you feel.’ – ShayShay #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘If your family and your friends truly do love you, it does not matter. And I think a lot of people who are gay or lesbian or bi have a fear of the unknown. A lot of people don’t want to get into that. But once you know for yourself who you are, forget what everyone else thinks.’ – Anthony #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘Don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t need to be. The thing you have to come to terms with, is it’s everyone else’s problem not yours. You’re fine the way you are. You learn different things, you grow. What you’ve got is pretty great, so don’t beat yourself up.’ – Ellie #ThisIsMyFreedom




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‘It’s ok to be scared, and it’s ok to not know what you want to do. But I’d say take every opportunity that you can. I skipped out on a lot of what I could have achieved due to fear of failure or fear of setback or fear of rejection. Use the time you have and the opportunities you have to find yourself.’ – Perry #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘Historically, ‘queer’ had negative connotations. For me, I’ve reclaimed the word. Queer is positive. Queer is anybody who refuses or rejects heteronormativity. For me, queer means bucking the trend, being yourself, not wanting to look in the mirror and be like’ “People are ok with this.” It’s “I am ok with myself.”’ – Ronx #ThisIsMyFreedom


Part 2 of 'The Red Line' will air on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow (Wednesday 8th November) at 10pm (GMT). You'll be able to listen here:


‘The main bit of advice I’d give is, don’t give up. There’s always something better, something different. There’s always something to strive for. Even though it can be really hard to see and you feel like the world’s against you and stuff. As long as you’ve got you, that’s all that matters. And you’ll go far with that.’ – Rowan #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘I am proud to be transgender. I’ve been transitioning socially for a year and a half now, on testosterone for seven months. The changes are pretty amazing. My voice is a lot lower. My confidence has grown and I’m literally starting to blossom. It’s the first time in my adult life that I’ve truly felt free and content.’ – Cairo #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘I went to visit a tattoo artist who does cover-up of scars, and in that moment when I took my top off her first reaction was “This is beautiful.” That was the first time a stranger had seen my scars and said that. And that moment was like an out of body experience. It made me really emotional and made me realise that my scars affect people.’ – Justyn #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘I don’t even know what changed. I just thought, screw this. This is me, this is who I am. I thought there’s no point having a good face and the rest of it not matching. So actually I’m gonna wear this. I’m gonna wear me. I’m gonna wear my size. And I’m gonna wear it with pride and with confidence.’ – Josephine #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘For me, dancing is a feeling, and I just wanted to express how I was feeling. And when I went onstage, everything just completely changed. I just feel like dancing’s saved me in many ways throughout my life. I’d definitely say it’s freedom from fear, and acceptance also.’ – Ryan #ThisIsMyFreedom


‘Surround yourself with friends and with people who will bring out the best in you. And then you can hopefully bring out the best in them. And that’s the best way I think of accepting yourself for who you are, overcoming adversity and whatever challenges you have in your life.’ – Liam #ThisIsMyFreedom Liam O'Dell


‘Now I am still angry, but it’s positive. It’s passion. I really would never trade my life for anybody else’s. I completely love every part of myself, and believe in myself. I’m very passionate about disability. Someone’s always going to be disabled, so we should shout about it.’ – Ella #ThisIsMyFreedom


'The Red Line' was George's last interview. Please tune in this evening at 10pm (GMT) on BBC Radio 2 to listen the world exclusive of Part 1, with Kirsty Young. Listen here:


A little reminder... George Michael: The Red Line'. A two-part world exclusive documentary on BBC Radio 2 featuring an interview between George and Kirsty Young. This was George's last interview. Part 1: Wednesday 1st November, 10pm GMT Part 2: Wednesday 8th November, 10pm GMT Listen online here:


George has returned to the No.1 spot in the UK with the biggest week 1 sales for a reissue in UK chart history. That's down to you. A special thank you goes out to each and every one of you today. George would have been so very proud.


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