Anne Hathaway

35 Jahre

Erst Aschenbrödel, dann "Plötzlich Prinzessin", und schließlich die "Weiße Königin": Anne Hathaway ist dabei, den Hollywood-Thron zu besteigen

  • Geboren , Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • VornameAnne Jacqueline
  • Name Hathaway
  • Grösse 1.73 m
  • Sternzeichen Skorpion
  • Partner Adam Shulman (verheiratet); Raffaello Follieri (2004-2008); Scott Sartiano (2002); Hugh Dancy (2002-2004)
  • Kinder Jonathan Rosebanks   (*2016)

Biografie von Anne Hathaway

Dass einmal eine große Schauspielerin werden würde, das muss Mama schon vor ihrer Geburt irgendwie geahnt haben. Nicht umsonst trägt die Schauspielerin den Namen von Ehefrau. Nichtsdestotrotz war mehr das nette Mädchen von nebenan als die Frau, die man sich auf der Leinwand neben oder vorstellen konnte: immer freundlich, bescheiden und irgendwie unauffällig. Der große Knall kam 2001, denn da wurde aus dem gewöhnlichen Entlein plötzlich ein schöner Schwan und Anne vollkommen überraschend "Plötzlich Prinzessin". Ihr erster Kinofilm nach ihrer Rolle in der Fernsehserie "Sechs unter einem Dach" bedeutete direkt die internationale Bekanntheit und einen Platz inmitten von Hollywoods aufstrebenden Jungstars - Verdacht auf eine Menge Potenzial. Regisseur war voll des Lobes, zog sogar und zum Vergleich heran. 

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Das Geheimnis der Anne Hathaway

Von diesen Königinnen Hollywoods ist Anne noch weit entfernt, aber ihre Rolle in Ang Lees "Brokeback Mountain" an der Seite des Who's Who der Schauspielergarde adelte sie vor jeder offiziellen Ehrung. Doch das Gerangel um die Thronfolge ist groß, denn junge Filmprinzessinnen, die ihr den Thron streitig machen könnten, gibt es in Hollywood wie Sand am Meer: , , , sie alle haben das gewisse Etwas und mit der richtigen Mischung aus Jugend, Schönheit und Talent auch die Lizenz zum Ruhm. Aber dafür hat die Schauspielerin etwas ganz anderes, mit dem nicht alle ihrer Kolleginnen auftrumpfen können - Bodenständigkeit. Dabei durfte sie schon desöfteren ihre Nase in den Wind halten und den Duft von Glanz und Glamour atmen. 

Umstandsmode an...

Anne Hathaway

Nicht nur die vielen goldenen Nieten sind das Auffällige an Anne Hathaways Outfit, sondern ihre schon so große Babykugel. Die hatte sie kurz vorher noch auf Instagram mit Herzchen präsentiert, da sie diesmal nicht bei der eigentlichen Oscar-Verleihung teilnahm.
In einem Mini-Kleid von Marc by Marc Jacobs kommt Annes Babykugel richtig schön zur Geltung.
Zum Shoppen in Santa Monica trägt Anne eine lässige Edel-Kombi aus Jeans und Blazer.
Anne Hathaway im Lässig-Look auf dem Weg zum Sport. Auch in der Schwangerschaft will sie fit bleiben.


Anne Hathaways vielfältige Filmrollen

In der Satire "Der Teufel trägt Prada" stolzierte sie neben zwischen Chic und High Fashion durch die Welt der Reichen, Schönen und vor allem Schlanken und bohrte ihre Absätze in Modeklischees und Lifestylelügen. 2010 durfte Anne dann in Tim Burtons Verfilmung von "Alice im Wunderland" den Thron besteigen - sie spielte nämlich die Rolle der herzensguten "weißen Königin”. Zwei Jahre später wurde aus der Königin dann eine Katze: in "The Dark Knight Rises", dem letzten Teil der Batman-Trilogie, gab Anne als Catwoman alles. Außerdem trat sie 2012 in die Fußstapfen ihrer Mutter, als sie in der Verfilmung des Musicals "Les Miserables" die Rolle der Fantine spielte und auch selbst sang - außerdem ließ sie sich während des Drehs ihr langes, dunkles Haar zu einem kurzen, frechen Pixie schneiden. Und die Mühe zahlte sich aus - Anne gewann für ihre Rolle über 30 verschiedene Preise.

© Gala

Ihr vielfältiges Talent zieht sich weiterhin durch ihre Schauspielkarriere: In dem Science-Fiction-Film "Interstellar" spielt sie eine Wissenschaftlerin, in der 2015 erschienenen Komödie "The Intern" die Chefin eines Mode-E-Commerce. Anne Hathaway kann einfach alles.

Von Bescheidenheit und Bewunderung

Aber: Der Teufel trägt Prada, doch Anne trägt Bescheidenheit: "Ich las einen Artikel über und ich bewundere sie so sehr, dass ich anfing zu weinen, weil mir klar wurde, wie wunderbar sie ist und wie weit ich noch gehen muss." Manchmal ist der Weg schon das Ziel und Anne Hathaway hat es sicherlich nicht mehr weit.

Anne Hathaway: Ihre besten Filme

  • 2001: Plötzlich Prinzessin
  • 2005: Brokeback Mountain
  • 2006: Der Teufel trägt Prada
  • 2010: Love and other Drugs
  • 2011: Zwei an einem Tag
  • 2012: The Dark Knight Rises
  • 2012: Les Misérables
  • 2014: Song One
  • 2014: Interstellar
  • 2015: The Intern
  • 2016: Alice im Wunderland - Hinter den Spiegeln

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Praying for all affected by the Thomas fires. I have spent so many beautiful days in Ojai and want to send a special thank you Strike Team 1203 for all you have done and are doing! Please please please pray for all the lives impacted, donate to United Way of Ventura County, hug a firefighter, and send loving positive energy to all the animals... I love you SoCal xx Photo Credit: Glendale Fire Fighters Association - Local 776, @jericho_iwk


My friends keep writing books! This is a dramatic reading of a haiku from #farewellmydudes by Johnathan Rice which is available from Hat & Beard Press Peace x


Andrew Belonsky was my first friend at Vassar- he saw a lonely new girl (I began second semester as a freshman before Princess Diaries came out), he struck up a conversation, and we haven’t stopped talking since. He wrote a funny, clever, fascinating book about log cabins. When your best friend writes a funny, clever, fascinating book about log cabins you post that goodness. And when you are in the news because of how you’ve been mistreated by men in the past, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to share how other men have been good to you. Peace x The Log Cabin: An Illustrated History


I have been meaning to post Annie Proulx speech since I heard it at the NBA and I hadn’t gotten around to it. Then the news out of Egypt rocked me and I wanted to post something but I don’t actually have words to express my sorrow (I feel that a lot these days). Maybe Annie’s will bring us all some comfort, truth and wisdom. Peace x "Although this award is for lifetime achievement, I didn’t start writing until I was 58, so if you’ve been thinking about it and putting it off, well… I thank the National Book Award Foundation, the committees, and the judges for this medal. I was surprised when I learned of it and I’m grateful and honored to receive it and to be here tonight, and I thank my editor Nan Graham, for it is her medal too. We don’t live in the best of all possible worlds. This is a Kafkaesque time. The television sparkles with images of despicable political louts and sexual harassment reports. We cannot look away from the pictures of furious elements, hurricanes and fires, from the repetitive crowd murders by gunmen burning with rage. We are made more anxious by flickering threats of nuclear war. We observe social media’s manipulation of a credulous population, a population dividing into bitter tribal cultures. We are living through a massive shift from representative democracy to something called viral direct democracy, now cascading over us in a garbage-laden tsunami of raw data. Everything is situational, seesawing between gut-response “likes” or vicious confrontations. For some this is a heady time of brilliant technological innovation that is bringing us into an exciting new world. For others it is the opening of a savagely difficult book without a happy ending. To me the most distressing circumstance of the new order is the accelerating destruction of the natural world and the dreadful belief that only the human species has the inalienable right to life and God-given permission to take anything it wants from nature, whether mountaintops, wetlands or oil. The ferocious business of stripping the earth of its flora and fauna, of drowning the land in pesticides again may have brought us to a place where no technology can save us. I personally have found an amelioration in becoming involved in citizen science projects. This is something everyone can do. Every state has marvelous projects of all kinds, from working with fish, with plants, with landscapes, with shore erosions, with water situations. Yet somehow the old discredited values and longings persist. We still have tender feelings for such outmoded notions as truth, respect for others, personal honor, justice, equitable sharing. We still hope for a happy ending. We still believe that we can save ourselves and our damaged earth—an indescribably difficult task as we discover that the web of life is far more mysteriously complex than we thought and subtly entangled with factors that we cannot even recognize. But we keep on trying, because there’s nothing else to do. The happy ending still beckons, and it is in hope of grasping it that we go on. The poet Wisława Szymborska caught the writer’s dilemma of choosing between hard realities and the longing for the happy ending. She called it “consolation.”* Darwin. They say he read novels to relax, but only certain kinds: nothing that ended unhappily. If he happened on something like that, enraged, he flung the book into the fire. True or not, I’m ready to believe it. Scanning in his mind so many times and places, he’s had enough with dying species, the triumphs of the strong over the weak, the endless struggle to survive, all doomed sooner or later. He’d earned the right to happy endings, at least in fiction, with its micro-scales. Hence the indispensable silver lining, the lovers reunited, the families reconciled, the doubts dispelled, fidelity rewarded, fortunes regained, treasures uncovered, stiff-necked neighbors mending their ways, good names restored, greed daunted, old maids married off to worthy parsons, troublemakers banished to other hemispheres, forgers of documents tossed down the stairs, seducers scurried to the altar, orphans sheltered, widows comforted, pride humbled, wounds healed over, prodigal sons summoned home, cups of sorrow tossed into the ocean, hankies drenched with tears of reconciliation, general merriment and celebration, and the dog Fido, gone astray in the first chapter, turns up barking gladly in the last. Thank you." - Annie Proulx


Two Annie and a glass of wine #annieproulx #nba


This past year, horror films have been all the rage so for my birthday I thought I would scare the crap out of you. Did you know that every single plastic toothbrush that has ever been used ever is still on the planet?!!! It’s true! And gross!! For my birthday, I would love to ask you to please buy yourself a bamboo, compostable toothbrush and, should you like it, make the switch permanent (non-sponsored link below). For more terrifying facts and feel good solutions, check out Trash is for Tossers (mad respect to Lauren Singer for fitting five years of trash in a mason jar). We all gotta live- why not live as sustainably as we can? Anyway, ✌️and ❤️and 🦄 🎉 🎉 #35


Another shooting, Another church, My God, how this hurts. The victims of America’s latest shooting were were followers of Christ. Please join me in honoring them by considering this teaching from Jesus: “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.’ But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire” (Matthew 5:21-22). Living in peace means more than not murdering each other- it means softening your heart and releasing yourself from anger and treating each other with love, always. I believe the worst thing we can do now is retreat to our opposing corners of personal righteousness which lock us in rage and bias and prevent us from moving towards a common goal. I am holding out my hand to anyone who believes in Mental Health reform AND Gun Control on military assault style weapons at least AND better support for our Veterans. Please don’t tell me how I’m “a fool”; please tell me how to make this possible. Prayers are a given. Action is necessary. “Blessed are the peacemakers” Be one. #love #texas


Rebel Wilson- unbelievable talent, hysterically funny lady, fantastically fun friend. So proud of what we just did. Thanks for the Nasty ride! x


In this moment when I feel scared and threatened, when my neighbors and friends and family have been put in the direct path of hate, I am going to try my best to keep love in my heart; that’s the only way this stops. I’m not saying it will end overnight or be easy or that it won’t happen again. I am not saying I don’t feel anger and fear and disgust and despair- I do. I am just also going to do my best to live in love, where I wish this terrorist lived, too. In this moment when I feel scared and threatened, when my neighbors and friends and family have been put in the direct path of hate, I am going to try my best to keep love in my heart; that’s the only way this stops. I’m not saying it will end overnight or be easy or that it won’t happen again. I am not saying I don’t feel anger and fear and disgust and despair- I do. I am just also going to do my best to live in love, where I wish this terrorist lived, too. We got this, NY. #NYstrong


I am so excited to recommend Dr. Habib Sadeghi’s “The Clarity Cleanse” to anyone looking to live a life of greater peace and love. It comes out on 12/26- I hope you consider preordering it! (This is not sponsored content- I am just sharing something that has helped me and brought more light into my life.) Peace x


When Adir Abergel, #GucciWestman, #PennyLovell, and Charlene slay and you gotta selfie that shizz... oh and #nofilterbutalooooooootofmakeupandhairspray


Happy Monday- go get it x


We are all on a journey. Anger is a depot; by all means, get off if you need to and do what you gotta. Just remember, this train is heading towards peace.


As much as the avalanche of sick, heart breaking, soul chilling accounts from the past week have filled me with horror, the response to the bravery of the women who have come forward has filled me with hope that this type of behavior, this line of energy, will not be tolerated in the future. In standing up and making themselves heard, these unbelievably courageous women have allowed us all to take a necessary step toward a less violent, safer, and more empowered world for our daughters. And for our sons. I feel compelled to add that yes, I heard rumors at the beginning of my career and no, I never saw anything in the years since that made me think the rumors were true. I trusted my eyes over my ears and thought that was enough. It wasn't. I pray for the healing and recovery of all. Artist: Cecily Brown


The trouble with waiting to have this conversation until moments like this is that then we are attempting to communicate from our rawest, most frightened, angriest place. The trouble with not having conversations in moments like this is that we don't have them. This conversation surrounding this issue- which causes heightened emotion on both sides- has been set and dictated by the gun lobby (who don't care about guns or safety or mental health or us.) I want to see us take back the conversation from those seeking to profit from our understandable fear. We can find common ground and stand on it together. I'll go first: I respect your right as a gun owner and am not trying to take it away. What I'm hoping you will say back: I find the trend of mass shootings involving semi-automatic and automatic rifles disturbing and I support gun control which seeks a common sense solution. Next: we call our representatives and give them the support they need to stand up to the gun lobby; we take this first step to making ourselves safer together. We can protect each other with something other than bullets. I am happy to hear your suggestions, but only if they involve change- I refuse to give complacency the dignity of calling it "insanity". What is your suggestion for #change? Please consider that the angriest commentators here may not be real people and, in the light of that possibility, choose whether you want to spend your energy getting angry back at them or if you might instead pick up the phone and call your elected representative. #prayingforpolicychange #prayingforvegas


Important work being done at the UN today (well, everyday). Also, welcome to Instagram @enyamayaro!! Repost @enyamayaro. ・・・ #UNGA2017- Live from United Nations #ECOSOC Chambers for high level launch of the 'Equal Pay International Coalition,' hosted by #UNWomen #InternationalLabourOrganization & #OECD Worldwide, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. As a result, there’s a lifetime of income inequality between men and women and more women are retiring into poverty. See what #UNWomen is doing to change that: #equalpay #equalpayforequalwork #UNGA #BTS OECD #unitednationsgeneralassembly #HeForShe


Hope is alive #neverforget


One man turned a barren landscape into a forest over 39 years, one seed at a time. You can't control what happens to you, but you can spend your life planting seeds of love or hate, peace or anger, hope or cynicism, complacency or change. I hope you plant a beautiful forest. Hippie Snowflake out! Peace x 


When the savage, baffling, senseless hatred in others leaves us without words, we can and must still scream "LOVE!!!" My prayers and full support go to those who feel personally threatened and targeted by these terrorists. I stand with you. Love will win. I can't believe how long it's taking, but love will win. Peace x #charlottesville Artist Cleo Wade


Happy Birthday Princess (Thanks Garry) #sweetsixteen #mia4evah


For the record, if someone is brave and selfless enough to risk their life for you, for your safety and liberty, the appropriate response should be "Thank you" not "Get out". Totally unsurprised and massively shamed by our current administration's lack of compassion and vision in general, and on the issue of trans people in the military specifically. Call me a liberal Hollyweird snowflake, whatever, I don't care- the way forward is not backwards. This is not what freedom looks like. #makingamericasmallmindedagain


this #wcw is all about Ariana Grande and how much heart, grit, and strength she showed by putting on this amazing concert. Very proud to be a fan AG!! #onelovemanchester #manchester


Before the beginning of this week, Before the end of this week, I want to thank All those Lives Lived Imperfectly, Full of the Exquisite Ache that Comes with Being human, Without Resorting to Ending Another's Life To make An ancient point. Please remember That we, Who handle our fear Imperfectly (Hallelujah!) And still Hold The sacred At a level Which drops Down deep Enough And flies Up high Enough To arc And meet itself In a circle, We outnumber Them Forever. I'm so sorry for your loss. For your losses. For their fathomlessness. For them. Enough So I say Thank you To the meek At the beginning Of this week, At the end of this week, All weeks- Yes- the meek, We believers Who seek The sacred Beyond The righteous (And what A battle That has Been)- We Meek Are Strong Enough To stand up To the Sick-struck Enough To see the Twisted For what it is Enough To live In these Times And still say "Hallelujah" When Another "I'm sorry" Has become More ash Heaped in our Mouths. We outnumber them Forever. Remember. (Image by Lily A. Seidel)


Things I know: 1) Jessica Chastain has never had a bad hair day in her life. 2) She has a magical ability to choose flattering and rad sunglasses. 3) SHE'S RIGHT!!! Support Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman this weekend so that Hollywood folks will feel confident backing movies that center around women!!! Buy a ticket, change the world. #catwomansupportswonderwoman


Thank you to Michael Bloomberg and all who are pushing back against the current administration's shameful and shocking abandonment of the Paris Accord. We no longer have a choice- Every Day is Earth Day #resist #notagame