Allison Williams

Erst die Uni, dann die Schauspielkarriere: Allison Williams hat alles richtig gemacht und ist seit "Girls" eine gefragte und erfolgreiche Schauspielerin

Allison Williams

  • Geboren , New Canaan, Connecticut / USA
  • VornameAllison
  • Jahre30
  • Name Williams
  • Grösse 1.67 m
  • Sternzeichen Widder
  • Partner Ricky  Van Veen (verheiratet seit 2015)

Biografie von Allison Williams

Dass im Showbusiness landen würde, war irgendwie klar. Sie ist die Tochter des ehemaligen NBC-Moderators Brian Williams und der TV-Produzentin Jane Gillan – ihr Weg schien vorgezeichnet. Doch auch eine Tochter amerikanischer Fernsehgrößen sollte nicht auf eine gute Ausbildung verzichten. schaffte es sogar an die Elite-Uni Yale und schloss sich dort der Improvisations-Comedy-Gruppe "Just Add Water" an. Erste Schauspielerfahrungen hatte sie zu diesem Zeitpunkt schon gesammelt. Als 16-jährige spielte sie in zwei Episoden der TV-Serie "American Dreams". Danach wurde es aber erst einmal ruhiger um die junge Studentin.

Zufall mit glücklicher Fügung

Nach ihrem Yale-Abschluss im Jahr 2010 konnte sich Allison Williams dann voll und ganz auf ihren großen Traum konzentrieren. Sie spielte in der Miniserie "Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After" und hatte einen kurzen Auftritt in der Sitcom "The League", ehe ein YouTube-Video ihr Leben für immer verändern sollte. Das besagte Video zeigt Allison Williams wie sie den Titelsong der Erfolgsserie "Mad Men" singt. Der Produzent , der mit gerade in den Vorbereitungen einer neuen HBO-Serie war, stieß auf genau dieses Video, war sofort begeistert von Allison Williams und lud sie kurzerhand zum Casting ein.

Allison Williams wird mit "Girls" zur Serienheldin

Der Rest ist Geschichte: Seit 2012 läuft die TV-Serie "Girls" auf der ganzen Welt Staffel um Staffel erfolgreich, Kritiker und Fans sind gleichermaßen begeistert. Mit ihren Kolleginnen Lena Dunham, und Jemima Kirke porträtiert Allison Williams das Leben junger Frauen in New York – deutlich realistischer und erfrischend witziger als "Gossip Girl" und "Sex and the City". "Girls" und die Geschichte von Hannah, , Jessa und Shoshanna war der Ausgangspunkt. Aber die Schauspielerin widmet sich nebenbei noch weiteren Projekten. 2017 kam beispielsweise der hochgelobte satirischen Mystery-Horror-Thriller "Get Out" in die Kinos. An der Seite von den Daniel Kaluuya, und Bradley Whitford brilliert Allison in dem skurrilen Streifen, der auf dem "Sundance Film Festival" seine Weltpremiere feierte.

Allison Williams privat

Beruflich ist Allison Williams unverkennbar auf Erfolgskurs und auch privat herrscht eitel Sonnenschein. Am 19. September 2015 gab die Darstellerin ihrem Liebsten, Ricky Van Veen, Co-Gründer von "CollegeHumor", auf einer Ranch in Wyoming das Ja-Wort. Wie wunderschön die Braut am Tag ihrer Hochzeit in einem bezaubernden Kleid von war, teilte sie mit ihren Fans auf Instagram. Doch es gibt noch einen anderen Mann im Leben von Allison Williams - einen Vierbeiner. Ihren Golden-Retriever-Mischling Moxie hat sie genau wie ihren Ehemann fest ins Herz geschlossen. 

Social Media von Allison Williams

Sorry to post another thing about a dress I already wore, but I finally found some photos that did justice to how fun it was to wear this @ralphandrusso number. Thank you, Billy, for capturing the movement in the moment. 💃🏼 @bfa


I feel like it’s finally safe to post this photo so I can say: @jordanpeele thank you for giving me the keys. And @danielkaluuya it looks like you didn’t need them after all. I got this script in July 2015. And this has occupied my whole heart and mind ever since. I just cannot express what this feels like...and the pride I feel to have been part of the mighty and fierce Get Out family - which is definitely healthier and less evil than the Armitage family. YES JORDAN. YES DANIEL. YES LOW-BUDGET PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS ABOUT RACE. 🔑❤️🙌🏼


Oh. My. God. Get Out is officially a Best Picture Oscar nominee. And @jordanpeele is too, for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director, and @danielkaluuya, for Lead Actor. I am cheering for you both and love you to no end...I am so proud to be in a movie that breaks all the rules and does it well. And I’m so grateful that the Academy noticed! What a wild, incredible ride this has been. ❤️🎊❤️ @getoutmovie


...and then today, we had the SAG Awards. And I got to hang with our @getoutmovie family while channeling my best flapper vibes in one of the most spectacular dresses I’ve ever gotten to wear. What a weekend...and now, back to work! 💪🏼


It’s been a busy weekend! This was last night at the Producer’s Guild Awards...where I got to wear a bad-ass couture jumpsuit...


Yay Critics Choice Awards!! Get Out won Best Sci-Fi / Horror Movie, and @jordanpeele won Best Original Screenplay. 👏🏼 And in addition to presenting Best Actress in a TV Comedy, I wore a headband that was actually a necklace and you could kind of see my underwear! Big night for all of us. 💕 @getoutmovie @criticschoice @cristinaehrlich


The whirlwind continues! Was briefly back in NYC for the @nbrfilm awards - and now it’s back to LA for the @criticschoice awards! This has been so much fun. @getoutmovie


Also, shout-out to all the doggies who were 100% in favor of the snow-bomb-cold-storm-blizzard-cyclone-weather-Armageddon event - unaware of the havoc it wreaked in their humans’ lives. Speaking of humans, thanks to my parents for documenting Moxie’s frolicking while I frolicked in LA. 🐾


Last night was pretty amazing. It felt so powerful to be in full #TimesUp solidarity at the Globes, and it’s been wonderful to watch the donations to the legal defense fund (link in bio) climb as a result. Thank you, as always, to @cristinaehrlich for pulling together the look with help from @giorgioarmani @forevermark @rebekahforecast @kdeenihan 🖤🖤🖤🖤


Today is a really exciting day. Golden Globes x #TimesUp here we come. Go to to donate to the legal defense fund - or if you are in need of legal defense yourself - because we need to stand up for and with each other now and forever. 🖤🖤🖤 @timesupnow


Back to my roots. Blonde was fun, but I’ve got to say that I’m happy to be back. 💕💕


Just got this photo from 2 weekends ago, when I was backstage in London at the Evening Standard Awards - where they took this VERY candid picture when I was DEFINITELY not expecting it. @eveningstandardmagazine @alexbramall @alexandermcqueen


OMG the @sagawards?! This is unbelievable! Did a little happy dance in my PJs after hearing about this one. Thank you so much to SAG - our fellow actors - for nominating the cast of Get Out for Outstanding Performance by a Cast! And huge congrats, yet again, to @danielkaluuya for his Best Actor nom. One of the best actors on the planet - I can say that with confidence and from experience. I feel so lucky and giddy...obviously. Maybe one too many cups of coffee this morning? ☕️💃🏼 @getoutmovie


TFW @getoutmovie was just nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes 💥🎉 (and the biggest congrats to @danielkaluuya for being nominated as well - BEYOND well-deserved). This is UNREAL. THANK YOU. ❤️


Oh Mox. I just love you so much. And I’m so glad I rescued you from @animalleague almost 3 years ago. And thanks to @rachaelray who has again made a $10K donation to the NSAL shelter as part of her annual giving campaign. Thank you so much, Rachael. I am grateful for NSAL literally every single day, so I am very grateful for you today. ❤️ #SantaPaws2017


Feeling very upset to have missed this accessory in my upbringing...but also feeling grateful for the hidden 80s goodies in a very special hair and makeup trailer. #PatrickMelrose


I recently went to Zambia on my second trip with (RED) to see firsthand the impact you can have when you buy (RED). Nothing more inspiring - especially on World AIDS Day. Since, if you’re like me, you’re scrambling to get your holiday shopping done, think about give a gift that can help save lives at They have such great stuff — happy shopping and life saving!! #SHOPATHON


Yay Gotham Awards!! We were SO excited that @getoutmovie won the Independent Film Audience Award - and congrats to @jordanpeele for winning Best Screenplay and Breakthrough Director. What a ride this has been - and continues to be! ❤️


Our collective vibe last night, embodied by Moxie. Game on, stomach full, face smushed, tongue out, full of gratitude, snoring audibly. Sending lots of love to you all. ❤️🐾


Lots of love to all of you guys and safe/happy travels if you’re traveling!! And here’s a hot travel tip from me to you - don’t let your dogs drive. No matter how much they may want to “help,” they’re terrible drivers. ❤️🐾


Getting Out and about for Get past week in photos. ❤️ @getoutmovie @cristinaehrlich


I don’t know if they’ll ever fully trust me, but I love these two a lot. (Photo taken without flash - just for everyone’s safety) @danielkaluuya @lakeithstanfield3 @getoutmovie


We’ve spent so much time together that we even coordinated outfits without planning it. I️ love me some Daniel Kaluuya ❤️ this was last night at a @bafta Q&A about Get Out.


Thanks to @cristinaehrlich for pulling the look together - @kdeenihan for the face - @sunniebrook for the hair - and @brandonmaxwell for the hidden pockets (everything should have pockets, IMO).


Back to the Get Out party - and the social media party (hi guys!) - for the Governor’s Awards in LA on Saturday night. And who better to kick things off than @brandonmaxwell @neillanejewelry and @paulandrew ❤️